About Me

I am a writer and I’m cross eyed.

I’m hoping you had already figured that bit out.

I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years now and figured it was high time I started writing for myself, as well as for a living.

I love horror, so that’s pretty much the main focus of the games and films you’ll find on this blog. But I also love things that stray off the beaten path, so major blockbusters probably won’t feature. (Plus, there are thousands of websites covering those anyway…)

I write about those independent gems that come from the world of indie film and World Cinema, as well as indie games that fledgling creators have made.

You can also find my gaming channel on YouTube under The Cross Eyed Gamer. Due to my particular cross-eyed-ness, I only do Let’s Plays of motion-friendly games. So you’ll find lots of 2D, point and click, and 3rd person games available to watch!

If you want to recommend a film or game for me to review or do a Let’s Play of, send me an email at thecrosseyedwriter (at) gmail (dot) com