Dream Home (2010)

So, right off the bat I’m going to say that this is not an easy film to watch. Looking at the brief description that pops up in Google when you search the film’s name paints a picture of a modern slasher.

And it is a modern slasher. But there are definitely moments during this film that some viewers will feel the need to avert their eyes. You have been warned.

But onto the film itself. Dream Home is quite fabulous really, and turns the traditional slasher trope on its head by making a woman the antagonist. Plus, we see the point of view of the film through her eyes, so we become both sympathetic and horrified by her actions.

We follow Cheng Lai (a quietly understated but at times, horrifying, performance by Josie Ho) as she attempts to secure a new home for herself and her brother in one of the most sought-after areas of the city.

Things don’t go to plan though, and the stress takes its toll on Lai, which results in her embarking on a bloody and violent rampage until she gets what she wants.

The violence is at times, over the top, but the story gives it enough weight to keep the film grounded in reality. As I said before, there are parts that will be hard to watch for some, but overall, this is a great addition to the modern slasher genre.

The disjointed style of filming means that the story is not linear and jumps back and forth quite a bit. This can be a bit disorientating if you’re not paying attention and some of the subtler plot points get muddled.

However, it is not really something you need to worry about as the action scenes gel together nicely and you can easily pick up when you got lost.

Overall, this is a film that could easily sit alongside The Raid on a movie night, as long as you and your guests can stomach some of the more upsetting scenes.

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