Grabbers (2012)

My goodness, this film was a lot of fun!

Think ‘Tremors’, but set on a remote island off the coast of Ireland, and with that dark-haired chap from Coupling instead of Kevin Bacon. That’s basically Grabbers.

The overall premise of this film?

Get pissed, stay alive.

Grabbers starts out as a fairly atypical mismatched coppers forced to work together thing, as a broody Irish Garda is joined by a fresh-faced, by-the-book officer from the mainland.

You can see from a mile off that these two will end up together, but thankfully they are funny and charming enough that you don’t care that this particular plot point is staring you in the face.

Soon the horror aspect of the film kicks in, and mysterious shenanigans are afoot as locals get dispatched in various grisly ways.

Typically the rules of horror are don’t have sex, don’t say “I’ll be right back” and don’t drink.

That last one can get scratched off as a horror rule staple thanks to Grabbers.

This really is of the most fun films I have ever watched. It has a delightful cast, with humour reminiscent of Father Ted, and a good pacing which doesn’t get too bogged down in exposition.

You never really find out where the Grabbers came from exactly, also space is the most logical choice.

The film has a quaint B Movie style horror to it; light on gore but big on pratfalls and jump scares.

The scene where everyone on the island has to hold up in the pub and get hammered is particularly amusing, especially when some of the older residents start to get a bit rambunctious, and find the idea of aliens attacking a bit of a downer on their evening.

Grabbers is the perfect horror film to stick on when you want to watch something new, but don’t have the brain power for anything too complex.

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